Politics in the Time of Global Pandemic

On Wednesday, June 24, alongside Prof. Mahrukh Doctor from the University of Hull, I participated in a panel discussion entitled “Comparing Patchwork Responses to Pandemic,” the first of a virtual nine-week lecture series on the theme of “Politics in the Time of Global Pandemic,” co-sponsored by the Ford Hall Forum and the WGBH Forum and presented by Suffolk University’s Political Science & Legal Studies Department. In my remarks, I discussed how to assess the legitimacy of governments’ crisis responses in the US at both the federal and state levels and in Europe at the EU and member state levels. The panel was moderated by Prof. Sebastián Royo from Suffolk University.

A recording of the event will be available here once it is processed by WGBH.


Europe’s Crisis of Legitimacy Presentation for the Bruno Kreisky Forum

I had the opportunity recently, in lieu of a scheduled visit to Vienna, to record a video presentation for the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue on new book, Europe's Crisis of Legitimacy: Governing by Rules and Ruling by Numbers in the Eurozone, in which I examine the interrelationship between democratic legitimacy at the European level and the ongoing Eurozone crisis that began in 2010. I discuss the responses of various EU actors to the COVID-19 pandemic and lessons learned from the Eurozone crisis. 

See below for the full video presentation or watch it on YouTubeThe video has a short introduction in German by Eva Nowotny, former Austrian Ambassador in Washington and Curator of the Kreisky Forum, and then I proceed in English (2:10).