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Reset DOC Dialogues on CivilizationsOn Monday, November 26, I spoke on Italian television on a program sponsored by the Corriere della Sera in Milan entitled “Road to Recovery: Ever Closer Union o Convivenza forzata?”  The event began with a talk by Paolo Gentiloni, the EU Commissioner for the Economy, followed by a panel discussion where I was joined by Sergio Fabbrini, Professor of Political Science and International Relations at LUISS Guido Carli, and André Sapir, Professor of Economics at the Free University of Brussels.

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The French Presidential Elections on China Radio International

The French people go to the polls on Sunday in the first round of the country's presidential elections. While ten candidates are in the running, it is the ongoing battle between incumbent President and ruling party head Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist rival Francois Hollande that is garnering the most attention.

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, I took part in an an hour-long discussion of the French presidential elections on China Radio International. Joining me were Jolyon Howorth, Professor of Political Science at Yale University, and Sebastien Ricci, a French journalist based in Beijing.

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Vivien Schmidt on Bloomberg Television

Berlusconi: End of an Empire (video link)

(Bloomberg) -- Vito Tanzi, former director of fiscal affairs at the International Monetary Fund, Maurizio Viroli, a professor at Princeton University, Ruth Santini, associate fellow at the Brookings Institution and Vivien Schmidt, professor of international relations at Boston University, talk with Bloomberg's Sara Eisen about former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, his impact on Italy's economy and political environment, and the outlook for the European debt crisis. Bloomberg's David Tweed also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Vivien Schmidt on NPR’s “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook

Greeks on a Teetering Greece

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We bring in the Greeks to talk about what’s ahead as their country teeters.

It’s all about the Greeks in Europe this week, and really around the world.  The Greeks’ debt.  The Greeks’ crisis.  The Greeks’ stunner of a sudden conversation about voting on whether or not to accept their own bail-out from Europe and the pain that would come with it.

The “hemlock ballot,” wags called it – and it’s off, apparently, already.  Greece got in way over its head on debt and spending.  Now it’s in a world of hurt and struggling over how to respond.  In the Euro-zone, or out. In the streets, or off.

This hour On Point: we talk with Greeks about their close encounter with Greek tragedy, and ours.

-Tom Ashbrook


Yanis Varoufakis, Professor of Economics, University of Athens, and author of The Global Minotaur: The true causes and nature of the current economic crisis.

Naya Kotsira, she is a civil servant who handles hiring and firing at Greece’s ministries.

John Psaropoulos, Greece correspondent for National Public Radio.

Vivien Ann Schmidt, Professor of European Integration at Boston University, where she is also Director of the Center for International Relations and Director of the Center for the Study of Europe

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