Calvin Olsen: The Iberian Peninsula

May 1, 2011

Follow along with Calvin as he navigates the Iberian Peninsula and the stretches beyond; it’s Calvin Vs. World.

April 21, 2011

Beginning May 29th I will be spending ten weeks on the Iberian Peninsula. For the first month I will be in Lisbon, Portugal working on locating and translating work from the late poet Alberto de Lacerda. Lacerda taught at BU for a time and I recently finished translating his book, Exile, from Portuguese into English. After my time in Lisbon, I will spend two weeks in Porto, Portugal and its surrounding areas. Then I will travel through Spain and Andorra, including at least one visit to Gibraltar, to study the influence that Spanish and Portuguese have on each other and the linguistic modifications brought about by the influence of French and English, the dominant languages of Andorra and Gibraltar. Huge thanks to the Robert Pinsky Global Fellowship for this opportunity.