Welcome to the 2016-17 Fencing Season

Hey fencers, old and new!

Tonight we are wrapping up the last of our Open Houses. We’ve had such a fun time meeting everyone and were consistently impressed with all the new talent! Here is some more information on our practice schedule.

Monday: 8-11pm in the first court of the 3-Court Gym (on FitRec’s lower level)
Tuesday: 8-11pm in the dance studio behind the ProShop (L128)
Wednesday: 8-11pm in the first court of the 3-Court Gym (on FitRec’s lower level)
Thursday: 8-11pm in the dance studio behind the ProShop (L128)

You are by no means obligated to come to every practice or stay for the duration, just come when you can and stay as long as you’d like. Our first day of regular practices is Tuesday Sept. 20th. If you have any other questions, please feel free to shoot us a message at bufencers@gmail.com!

Thanks and we’ll see you all soon,
Marie-Elle and the E-Board

Welcome to the Summer Series!

Hey terriers, we hope you’re all having a lovely summer and getting excited for the 2016 Olympic games! Starting in just over a month, they bring with them unfathomable patriotism and the opportunity to finally watch our favorite sport on a major network channel. Throughout the summer, we’ll be posting updates about the US team and their successes as well as our own super-star fencers, so stay tuned!

This year’s US team brings a variety of fencers old and new to the games, including Mariel Zagunis, Ibtihaj Muhammad and an all-star men’s foil team. Check everyone out and let us know who you can’t wait to watch compete! http://www.teamusa.org/News/2016/April/28/Meet-The-2016-US-Olympic-Fencing-Team

2015 SPLASH Recap and Information Sessions

Hey Fencers!

It was wonderful to see you all yesterday at SPLASH! We had an AMAZING turnout with 206 people signing up for our mailing list! We are going to be holding several information sessions where everyone’s who’s interested will get a chance to meet the Captains and E-board.11988631_933201146726106_7158612305973041232_n

The info sessions will be held on:

Tuesday, September 8th, 8-9:30 PM @MU1+2 (L126/L128) (Multipurpose room behind Proshop)

Wednesday, September 9th, 8-9:30 PM @3-Court Gym #1

Thursday, September 10th, 8-9:30 PM @MU1+2 (L126/L128) (Multipurpose room behind Proshop)


Thursday, September 17th, 8-9:30 PM @MU1+2 (L126/L128) (Multipurpose room behind Proshop)


Regular Practices are:

Monday, September 14th, 8-11PM @3-Court Gym #1

Tuesday, September 15th, 8-11PM @MU1+2 (L126/L128) (Multipurpose room behind Proshop)


Wednesday, September 16th, 8-11PM @3-Court Gym #1


There will be no regular practice on each day after 9:30 PM, instead we will head out to grab late night food from Warren Towers dining or Extreme Pita in West afterwards with the rest of the team!


Have a wonderful labor day off and hope to see all of you soon!

Your truly,

Joanna Tung

BUFC 2015-2016 Sports Information Director

USACFC Nationals 2015

This past weekend, Nationals was held at Bensalem High School in Bucks County. We survived the bus ride and waking up before dawn.


Congratulations Sucheta T. for placing 7th in individuals for women’s epee!!

Overall results:
Men’s Saber: 14th
Men’s Epee: 31st
Men’s Foil: 13th

Women’s Saber: 10th
Women’s Epee: 6th
Women’s Foil: 23rd

Details results can be found here: http://umdfencing.com/usacfc2015/

11004533_10153715705692004_4438155766947592531_oWe also had surprise visits from a couple of our alumni, Kelly M. (’14) and Rachel P. (’14)! Not to mention, family and friends all came to support as well. Thank you for supporting us, whether you could make it or not!

Overall, it was a very rewarding weekend bonding over fencing (of course), Friendly’s, and cake!

– Jessica

The Big One 2014

Last weekend, BUFC took on The Big One at Smith College! It’s our first competition of the year and needless to say, we’re proud of all of them!

Congratulations to Nagisa Ogata for getting gold in women’s foil!!

Highlights of the tournament:

Women’s Foil
#1 Nagisa Ogata
#11 Sucheta Tamragouri

Men’s Foil
#24 Gary Huang

Women’s Saber
#10 Emma Ryan
#17 Caitlin Coons
#19 Marie-Elle Merchant

If you’re curious, full results can be found below:

We’re proud of all of you!! Thank you to those who have been encouraging and supportive of our fencers.


Find Us at Splash on September 6!

Are you interested in joining new clubs and making friends? Next Saturday on September 6th, the Fencing Club will be at SPLASH, where you will be able to find out about all sorts of clubs and activities on campus. We will have demonstrations and you will be able to find out more about the club by talking to our current members. It is located at Nickerson Field (in front of West dorms or across from StuVi2) and starts at 12PM. See you there!

(Image credit: www.fightplanet.com)


Fall 2014 Practice Schedule

Hi everyone!

We just received our practice schedule for the upcoming fall as followed:

Monday: 3 Court Gym: Court 1, 8:00-11:00pm
Tuesday: MU 1+2 (L126/L128), 8:00-11:00pm
Wednesday: 3 Court Gym: Court 1, 8:00-11:00pm
Thursday: MU 1+2 (L126/L128), 8:00-11:00pm

We haven’t determined our first day of practice yet, but we’ll update our schedule page as soon as we find out or let you know if there are any changes. Be sure to follow our Facebook page and  Twitter for updates.

– Jessica

USACFC Nationals 2014

Hi everyone! Hope your summer has been well. This is a super belated post, but for anyone who missed out on the results for Nationals in Knoxville, TN this year, below are the results!

Squad team results:

WS: 2nd (silver)
MS: 23rd
WF: 8th
MF: 10th
WE: 24th
ME: 17th


WS: Kelly Miller (1st place)
Emily Brewster (8th place)
MF: Sidney Leung (2nd place)

Regardless of the results, everyone has worked very hard and bonded over 18-hour bus rides. Looking forward to great results in the upcoming fall as well.

– Jessica

The Big One 2013

Last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning, 37 awesome members of BUFC shipped off to Smith for the 2013 NEIFC Fall Invitational – better known as The Big One.

Looks like all of our training is paying off – we had 10 fencers place in the top 32 for their event! Special shout out to Kelly Miller for her 5th place finish in Women’s Saber and Maja Capek for 11th in Women’s Foil (at her first ever Big One!). We had a fantastic time and are even more excited (if that is even possible) for the rest of the season.

You can check out the Big One results here: http://www.prisedefer.com/LiveResults/

Next stop – Brown University for NFC #1 on Saturday, November 16th!