Roster 2013-2014

Name Weapon Year Leadership
Alquati, Rocio Epee 2017
Armacost, Natalie Epee 2017 Assistant Treasurer
Brewster, Emily Saber 2014
Burkatovsky, Anna Foil 2016
Capek, Maya Foil 2014
Carbery, William Epee 2014 Men’s Epee Captain
Chen, Julia Epee 2014
Cheng, Kitty Epee 2017
Colletta, Andrew Saber 2017
Coons, Caitlin Saber 2015
Corbett, Yvonne Epee 2017
Dhanesha, Neel Saber 2014 President
Filippi, Andrew Saber 2015
Geil, Erik Saber 2014 Men’s Saber Captain
Gutman, Michael Epee 2017
Heindrichs, Wesley Epee 2014
Hernquist, Thomas Epee 2015
Hu, Daniel Saber 2017
Huang, Gary Foil 2015
Jasinski, Peter Saber 2014
Kalender, Deniz Epee 2015
Kendler, Alison Epee 2016
Leung, Sidney Foil 2016
Lin, Megan Foil 2017
Lorenz, Sam Saber 2017
Martone, Cara Epee 2015 Vice President; Captain of Women’s Epee
Miller, Kelly Saber 2014 Sports Information Director; Women’s Saber Captain
Onita Lenco, Mara Epee 2015
Piersa, Susan Foil 2015 Women’s Foil Captain
Power, Rachel Saber 2014
Rar, Katia Saber 2016
Redmond, Bryan Foil 2016
Rowland, Hudson Epee 2014
Rusk, Chaya Epee 2014
Ryan, Emma Saber 2016
Spindelman, Kyle Saber 2015 Men’s Saber Captain
Thompson, Caroline Saber 2014 Webmaster
Tung, Joanna Epee 2016
Walker, Austin Foil 2015 Treasurer, Men’s Foil Captain
Weber, Urs Epee 2014
Zhu, Jessica Foil 2016


Matthew Kolasa, Jeff Werbin

Executive Board:

President: Neel Dhanesha
Vice President: Cara Martone
Treasurer: Austin Walker
Sports Information Director: Kelly Miller
Webmaster: Caroline Thompson

Class of 2014