The Fruits of Labor

As you all know, this past weekend was the 2012 Cornell Kendo Tournament. As such, I would like to announce the highlights from the tournament:

1) In the Mudansha Individuals, Lucien Thomas and Jessica Alexandria placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. Also, Harvard Captain Aidan Daly placed 3rd along with Jessica.

2) During the Round Robin, not only did BU B advance to the main tournament, but they won their bracket after defeating both RIT and Yale. They later went on to face SBU B in the Quarterfinals. Ray Feng hit a stunning kaishi do and Kenneth Jeng (guest player from Tufts’ Club) hit a great kote men and kotenuki men during the Round Robin!

3) During the Round Robin, Jessica Alexandria scored the first point of the match between BU A and Cornell A. It was a do!

I want to thank John Yi, Alex Eizo Eitoku and Eugenia Yang for all of their hard work in training us! Below are some videos from the tournament:

Cornell Individuals

Cornell Teams


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