2019 Shoryuhai

On March 23 and 24, BUKA participated in the 23rd annual Shoryuhai tournament hosted by Harvard University. With our lovely beginners joining our kendo family in fall 2018, BUKA was able to bring 5 teams to compete at the tournament! Here are the participants:

Individual (Saturday, March 23)

Matteo Ferroni

Abi Anand

Giulio Cassis

Cici Qi

Anja Grabner

Lily Gao

Dan Gruspier

Jourdan Harold

Arnold Hernandez

Kotone Kataoka

Nicole Kwon

Hallie Lazaro

Jialin Zhu

Jake Lee

Christopher Lee

Wayne Lin

Julana Borrazzo

Azlan Nik

Take Numata

Shi Hao Ruan

Ryan Shimizu

Prodpran Sukcharoen

Alen Tan

Rockwell Tang

Joyce Wang

Silvia Zhang


Team (Sunday, March 24)

Boston A

  1. Senpon: Shi Hao Ruan
  2. Jiho: Chris Lee
  3. Chuken: Cici Qi
  4. Fukusho: Ryan Shimizu
  5. Taisho: Kotone Kataoka


Boston B

  1. Senpon: Juliana Borrazzo
  2. Jiho: Jake Lee
  3. Chuken: Hallie Lazaro
  4. Fukusho: Jialin Zhu
  5. Taisho: Silvia Zhang


Boston C

  1. Senpon: Take Numata
  2. Jiho: Lily Gao
  3. Chuken: Giulio Cassis
  4. Fukusho: Arnold Hernandez
  5. Taisho: Anja Grabner


Boston D

  1. Senpon: Dan Gruspier
  2. Jiho: Lingxuan Liang
  3. Chuken: Joyce Wang
  4. Fukusho: Rockwell Tang
  5. Taisho: Alan Tan


Boston E

  1. Senpon: Prodpran Sukcharoen
  2. Jiho: Nicole Kwon
  3. Chuken: Wayne Lin
  4. Fukusho: Abi Anand
  5. Taisho: Azlan Nik



BUKA competed with Cornell, NYU, SBU, U Wash, Harvard, Columbia, UCLA, UCSD, UCR as well as mixed teams. Even though we did not score any medals, Boston A made it to quarter final– BUKA was among the top 8 universities of the tournament! Good job everybody! Shoryuhai was an amazing opportunity for us to not only put everything we’ve learned into practice, but also learn from our peers, senseis, as well as friends from all dojos and schools in the states. We are looking forward to attending Shoryohai in 2020! BU faito!


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