10/5 International Habitat for Humanity Day

I hope that everyone has had a great International Habitat Day and have taken time not only to help build houses, but building communities, families and futures, however big or small. A few of our officers went to the Greater Boston Habitat Summit this evening where they spent time in focus groups with other campus chapters from Harvard, MIT, Babson, Northeastern, Brandeis, Fisher and Olin brainstorming ways in which we could advocate the furthering for awareness regarding the foreclosure crisis in Greater Boston. Although there is still plenty of work that can be done in reaching our goals and creating new and realistic ones, it was great to see how far we’ve come in reflecting on our group’s past efforts at the summit tonight. Our next general meeting will be a week from tomorrow, October 13 at 8PM in the usual spot at STO B50. Keep your eyes and ears open, we look forward to building and working together in the near future.

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