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Raise the Roof

Hey everyone it’s that time of the year again! This Thursday, February 17, Habitat for Humanity will be holding it’s annual “Raise the Roof” benefit concert in the law auditorium. The entertainment starts at 7pm and lasts until 9pm while all proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity for their new fundraisers.  Dear Abbeys, Speak […]

Keeping Riley Concert Coming This Friday

Keeping Riley is a band out of New Jersey that’s currently in the middle of an East Coast college tour. They’ll be coming to BU with their friends, Harper Blynn as well as the BU Allegrettos to perform this Friday. It’s a great opportunity to donate to Habitat and Unicef, and have some fun with […]

Battlefield Run and Keeping Riley

Hey everyone out there, reading this right now. The masses of you all. Just a reminder that the Battlefield Run is this Sunday. It’s a really great opportunity to contribute to Habitat, stay active and have some fun with friends along the way. For more information, email Also, on November 19, the critically acclaimed […]

Guess Who’s Back! Yessir. Habitat…. Hablogtat.

Well Hello, How good it is to be back here, blogging away, about the latest news and events involving BU Habitat this semester. We just finished our second general meeting, in our new location at STH B19 on Commonwealth Avenue, and the year is finally off and running. We have a lot of new projects […]

Greater Boston Habitat Needs Some Help

Here’s a message from Lee, the Youth Program Developer at Greater Boston – “We’re in need of some volunteer support here at our Habitat office (in the North End) over the next few days — and I thought that some of you might love to come help us out! We’re getting ready to send out […]

Election Results, Sleep Out, and The Final Stretch

It’s crazy to think that we only have about four weeks left in the semester this year. Looking back at where Habitat stood on campus last September, we’ve clearly continued to make meaningful strides in reaching the $50,000 mark for the Dorchester Project and providing a wide range of build trips in order to compete […]

March Madness

Hey Habitaters, We hope that everyone had some great time off this Spring Break. Our trip of 22 that drove 30 hours down to Palm Beach, Florida has returned after what sounds like a very successful week. It’s great to hear all the stories about the week of building and contributing down there, it’s also […]

Raise the Roof and More

Just a reminder, Raise the Roof is this Friday at 7pm in the Jacob-Sleeper Auditorium in CGS. We’re really looking forward to a great turnout and a fun night, so make sure you get your tickets at the GSU this week, or at the event. The event will feature performances from Mustard Seed, Allegrettos, BU […]

February Update

We have a lot going on in February, sending out four build trips and holding Raise the Roof on February 19th. Sign-ups have been held for our trips on the 6th and 13th, but make sure to swing by February 16th to sign up for our build trips on February 27th and 28th. Raise the […]

Spring Semester Kickoff is Tuesday at 8pm

Welcome back to BU everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready for what will be one of Habitat’s most productive semesters yet. Being involved in our community is something that we should all be concerned with, and there’s no doubting that everyone involved in our chapter of Habitat has a […]