Spring Semester Kickoff is Tuesday at 8pm

Welcome back to BU everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful break and are ready for what will be one of Habitat’s most productive semesters yet.

Being involved in our community is something that we should all be concerned with, and there’s no doubting that everyone involved in our chapter of Habitat has a positive impact on the Greater Boston area and beyond. Personally, there is nothing I would rather do right now than forget about my life for an extended period of time and head to Haiti to do anything I could to attempt to better the lives of those who have had their entire world crash down upon them this past week. This is a sentiment that I’m sure many Habitat members share at BU and across the country. However the situation in Haiti does not allow for easy infiltration of the country given the current state of the land. Instead of hands on volunteer relief, our president has said that a monetary contribution is the number one way we can help restore life in the country. In the mean time, Habitat at BU will be able to fulfill your immediate hands-on-rebuilding urges as keep the families and victims of the tragedy in Haiti in mind.

We’re really excited to be having 5-6 more build trips around the Greater Boston Area, so attend regularly to sign up! At the meeting tomorrow we’ll also be discussing Raise the Roof, which will be held a month from today on February 19th. The event will feature musical entertainment from all over campus and Boston. We’ll also be talking about our Spring Break trip to Palm Beach. Tomorrow will be your chance to learn how to sign up…

So we hope many of you turn out tomorrow for our kickoff meeting. Like I said, since we can’t be there now, let’s keep the people of Haiti in mind while we work on improving our community today.

See you soon!

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