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Administrative Efficiency and Effectiveness

Join the discussion of how BU students, faculty, staff and administration use information services to manage BU operations and support strategic decision making. How can BU best develop and sustain information services that enable productivity, outstanding service quality, and compliance? What should be the future of remaining core information systems running on obsolescent technology? How can […]

Research and Scholarship

Join the discussion of how researchers use technology to advance discovery and innovation, across all fields and disciplines. How can BU best support research with technical infrastructure and services? What kinds of infrastructure are required to enable researchers to collaborate across institutions and leverage national and international resources? What services are required to support the development […]

Teaching and Learning

Join the discussion of how faculty and students use technology in both physical and virtual learning environments to create extraordinary learning experiences. How can BU use technology to make our campus learning environment more effective? How should technology enable learning beyond the classroom? What new kinds of learning might technology enable for BU students in the […]

Technology Service Excellence

Join the  discussion of how technology services are provided at BU, both centrally and locally, in support of the University mission. How can we best develop and mature IT Service Management processes and tools to improve service reliability and quality? How can we best align the activities of central and local IT organizations to provide […]

The Student Experience

Join the discussion of how students use technology to connect with each other, with faculty, and with BU services. How does technology enhance students’ experiences at BU, especially outside the classroom? From residence life to enrollment services, informal networks to student organizations, how can BU better use technology to provide a rich experience that supports […]