Stop 3-D plot crashing on Matlab over VNC

Restart Matlab, and before doing anything type:


Then at plotting time:


and so on

Cygwin Python 3 pip install: Segmentation fault

Note: I get segmentation fault upon pip3.2 command, has anyone solved this?

This was tested on Cygwin 1.7.31 with Python 3.2 and may be out of date when you read this

In cygwin type
easy_install-3.2 pip

to use pip3 type in Cygwin

H5Labview and 1-D arrays

The current version of h5labview can completely crash Labview 2013 SP1 when using 1-D arrays.

What I do to fix this is insert the “Build Array” into my 1-D array just before it hits HDF5 Write Data. On the Read Data, to get a 1-D array again, you can use Index Array with the first row index input as 0.

Find Gmail email with any attachment e.g. PDF

You can see

for the types of advanced searches you can do with Gmail.

For example, if I want to find all PDFs I sent to, I type in Gmail search filename:pdf

or to find any email I sent to with any attachment: has:attachment

Ralink RT2800 Warning TX status “fix”

I have some of the ubiquitous USB Wifi sticks with a chipset using the Ralink rt2800 driver. I noticed that while it works fine, I got a lot of dmesg errors like:

rt2800usb_txdone: Warning – Got TX status for an empty queue 2, dropping
rt2800usb_entry_txstatus_timeout: Warning – TX status timeout for entry 14 in queue 2

I’m not a big fan of dozens of dmesg logs per second, so I quickly found this answer that worked for me:

sudo iwconfig wlan1 power off

which according to man iwconfig disables power management. When I’m hanging out with a coffee can Wifi antenna, I’m not interested in saving a few mW so this seems a harmless choice. Note I think you’ll have to type it again after reboot or logoff.


installing LLVM-Py and Numba on Ubuntu 14.04

First, you need a custom compilation of LLVM 3.2 (as of July 2014). As of July 2014, LLVM-Py will NOT work with the default LLVM 3.4 in Ubuntu 14.04.

Note, these commands are NOT sudo/root. I choose to install LLVM 3.2 to ~/LLVM32.
the -j2 option is to use 2 CPU cores, you can increase this if you know you have more CPU cores.

cd ~/Downloads
tar xvfz llvm-3.2.src.tar.gz
cd ~/Downloads/llvm-3.2*
./configure --enable-optimized --prefix=$HOME/LLVM32
REQUIRES_RTTI=1 make -j2 install

After 15 minutes or so the LLVM 3.2 compilation & installation completes
Now we install LLVM-Py:

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd llvmpy
sudo LLVM_CONFIG_PATH=$HOME/LLVM32/bin/llvm-config python install

Now you can run the tests by pasting into Terminal (NOT from the LLVMPY directory you just installed from):

cd ~
python -c "import llvm; llvm.test()"

Fixing SSH Access Denied for Github

Github suggests that you use the SSH Agent, but even that may not work when you have a lot of SSH keys. You need to setup your ~/.ssh/config file so that SSH to uses the correct SSH Public Key the first time. Here’s how.

nano ~/.ssh/config

and add the lines

        User git
        Port 22 
        IdentitiesOnly yes
        PubKeyAuthentication yes
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/MyGithubKey

where MyGitHubKey is the key you created following the process (without ssh-agent)

Then switch your remote URL to SSH

Very pleased with Lenovo warranty service

My corporate X220 had the space bar get slightly intermittent after 4 years of hard use and abuse. Naturally the corporation had the maximum warranty coverage, but I didn’t want to have someone manhandling my computer.

Instead, a few minutes on the phone with their Atlanta, Georgia tech support center saw me getting a Next-Day Early Morning express shipped keyboard to my office, so I can change it myself. That is excellent. It probably cost Lenovo more to ship the keyboard than the keyboard itself costs them.

10 years ago I bought my last Dell computer, a nearly $3000 laptop, and the speakers failed after about two months of use, and they sneered at me as if I was blasting death metal music instead of teleconferences. I have heard more recent reports of the same Dell attitude on speakers.
OK different problem, but entirely different attitude from Lenovo tech support.

Although I build my desktops myself, when it comes to laptops I’ll still be looking to Lenovo.

upgrading to Scipy 0.14 via pip

you may first need to do

sudo apt-get install liblapack-dev libatlas-dev


sudo pip install --upgrade scipy


Spyder 2.3 missing rope for Python3

The just-released Spyder 2.3 (on Ubuntu, get by typing)

sudo pip3 install spyder

but it’s missing rope. To get rope, type

sudo pip3 install rope_py3k

for great online help