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I am a research scientist specializing in aerospace and geospace remote sensing, from high performance computing to endpoint (sensor) processing.


Most of my time is spent in research and consulting, particularly on remote sensing, covering optical, radar, GNSS, radio sensors and more. I work with all types of signal/video processing platforms from $5 gumstick size single-board computers to Top 20 supercomputers. The main languages I use are C++, Fortran, and Python as well as C and Matlab, using OpenMPI, OpenCV, Scikit-Learn or whatever else is needed to get the job done efficiently.

My main work is on ionospheric studies, specifically the difficult problems untangling spatio-temporal observational ambiguity via high-speed cameras and radar sensors. Applications of modern data science and AI algorithms have been an essential element of my work with all types of sensors in the biomedical, smart transportation, aerospace, geospace realms and beyond.