2011 Season

Hey Dancers!

I hope that you’ve all been having a fantastic break and that you are rested up and excited for a fantastic spring semester of dancing! We’ve got a lot planned for you so get ready.

Most importantly we are hosting the 10th Annual Terrier Dancesport Competition on Sunday, February 13th in Metcalf Ballroom so get ready!

Additionally we are, of course, continuing our biweekly lessons with Helle and Amanda/Mark this semester so dust off your shoes and get ready to learn lots of new material to get us ready for a great new semester of competitions. Notably this semester we’ll be attending Harvard Invitational and the MIT Open Ballroom Competition in April; both of these are big two day competitions and are a lot of fun and have some fierce competition so we’ve got a lot of preparing to do for April!

Also this semester we are continuing open practices on Saturdays at FitRec and continuing the competition practice sessions in FitRec on Fridays. Keep an ear open also, Harrison and Haley are planning on trying to get some gym-going sessions together with the team to help work on strength and endurance to keep you going during those long competitions.

Finally, there are a lot of changes being made to this site as we transition over from the old one. Keep an eye out for updates and useful information!

So enjoy the end of vacation and get ready for some great dancing to kick off the new semester!

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Enjoy with Dancers. the best

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