Saturday’s Open Practice

This past Saturday was a blast at our 3rd weekend practice. Though there wasn’t the pageant of Paso Doble skirts from Haley’s “Box-o-Fun,” We did get to witness a fantastic display of same-sex Foxtrot by Harrison and Aaron, and had a blast watching Danny try to lead the samba – Key word here is “try”. Kate brought out her camera and snapped a few great pictures of the events.

Fahmil and Kristie

If you’re interested, we hold ¬†practices every saturday from 4-8. The hours of 4-6 are typically dedicated to a review of that weeks Latin and Standard lessons – So fear not if you can’t make it to a lesson that week. While 6-8 are usually reserved for open practice (i.e, the iPod is set to shuffle, and you dance whatever dance comes on).

Tiago and Yuliya

This coming Saturday (10/9) we’ll be holding a “mock-comp” for our new competitors, as our first REAL competition is on Sunday at the University of Connecticut.

Until Next Time—-
The Cabana Boy <3 xoxo

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