Harvard Beginners Competition

Sorry for another late blog post about a competition. Sunday, October 17th was Harvard’s fall competition, Harvard Beginners. This competition was pretty exciting from the standpoint that we did not have to leave at 5 AM to get there in time. Unfortunately for all of us this will not happen again until next year, this is the only competition that doesn’t start at 7 AM.

Despite the competition not starting until late we all met up in the atrium of stuviII for some quality bonding/hair&makeup doing time.

Getting hair done pre-competition

Getting hair done pre-competition

And then we all migrated over to Harvard on the bus, and after some slight confusion about where were were getting off the bus we managed to get there. And from there the hair-doing continued. Sometimes I feel like dance competitions going by in a whirl of sparkles, hair, and makeup.

More hair-doing ensued once getting to Harvard.

More hair-doing ensued once getting to Harvard.

Of course this is not true. Once all the hair and makeup was done we enjoyed some great dancing. Special congratulations to Fahmil and Kristie for coming in seventh place in the Bronze International Cha/Rumba!

Fahmil and Leo do and Intense Tango

Fahmil and Leo do and Intense Tango

Now we all have some time to work on our technique can routines because our next competition is not until Brown University’s competition on November 14th. So keep working hard everyone!! Make sure you keep on coming to Saturday practices and to our Winner Wednesdays/Finalist Fridays to work more individually on your routines and technique!

So! Start working hard because we’re all going to be AMAZING at Brown Competition this year and in the meantime get psyched for Montage! on the 7th.
– Bag Lady xx


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