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In Boston this summer?

Hello dancers! The enemy of ribbon winning is taking the summer off! Use this time to perfect some of your skills or learn some new ones. A bunch of us will be around this summer. According to university rules, we can’t hold lessons or practices as a team. Instead, we’ll hold practices together as friends […]

Latin Workshops at Helle’s Studio

Hey again everyone! I just wanted to pass along the flyer that Helle showed us all on Tuesday about the workshops and rounds that she’s going to be having at her studio in Cambridge this coming weekend.

Montage Update!

Mark your calendars people! Montage is 2.5 weeks away and we’re in full “swing” to use a terrible pun. The beginner number as many of you may have already guessed will indeed be a super sassy swing done to this summer’s hit song “Cooler than me” by Mike Posner. We will also be performing a […]