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August 3, 2013

Supercomputing “for the rest of us!”

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On July 10, 2013, The Council on Competitiveness, in conjunction with the U.S. House of Representatives Science and National Labs Caucus, held a briefing titled Extreme Computing: Why United States Industry, National Labs, and Academia Need Advanced Computing.

Bestavros speaks at congressional briefing

As one of four speakers, I was invited to participate in this briefing, representing Boston University and academe in general. In my prepared remarks and in follow-up discussions with congressional staff I shared insights on the Massachusetts Green High Performance Center (MGHPCC) and the opportunities that “HPC in the cloud” could offer to society and the importance of securing and hardening our cloud computing infrastructure. The basic tenet of my remarks were that it is about time that HPC and super-computing in general be accessible “to the rest of us” — as opposed to remaining hostage to the scientific computing community of the last century! Speaking of which, is there really a field of science that is not computational? It’s about time we break the mold and make HPC accessible to the myriads of HPC applications that are not being served because they are not serving the “gatekeepers” of scientific computing.

In a thank you note to Boston University, The Council noted that members of the congressional staff and guests were“thrilled to learn of this historic collaboration among the five MGHPCC universities, state government and private industry and its partnership with K-12 public schools and community colleges on new educational and workforce development initiatives.”

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