BU Symphonic Chorus and the BU Chamber Orchestra at Old South Church in Copley Square


Franz Joseph Haydn

Though I was unable to attend this concert due to travel, I did attend the rehearsal.  I am therefore confident that the audience at Old South Church had a wonderful evening.  Congratulations to Professor Ann Howard Jones and all the artists who worked on this event.

Hadyn’s Paukenmasse (Mass in a Time of War) has always reminded me of my student days at the California Institute of the Arts in the 1960s.  Like a lot of American campuses at that time, protests of American involvement in  the Vietnam War were a regular occurrence there and in nearby Los Angeles.  I recall seeing Jane Fonda at one and also a man who claimed to be Carlos Castaneda at another of the protests.   It was around this time that I sang part of the Paukenmasse at a concert in Griffith Park.  I cannot confirm that either Jane Fonda or Carlos Castaneda attended that performance!