BU Productions Warm Late-Winter Theatre Scene

Carlos Fuentes. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.  Public Domain.

Carlos Fuentes. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Placed in public domain by Noticias e Información de la Presidencia.

Aura by Carlos Fuentes

Recently, I attended a School of Theatre production of Aura, based on the Carlos Fuentes novella of the same name. The story of sexuality and aging, among other things, unfolded as the audience moved from room to room.  The production’s artful staging allowed the audience to be within inches of the actors bluring the third wall.  Having known Fuentes, I think I can say that he would have liked the production.

In 1968, Fuentes and I were neighbors. We became friends and during that golden time, I met a marvelous group of writers through him, including Gabriel García Márquez and Octavio Paz.  I remember one night Fuentes and his then wife, the actress Rita Macedo (who died in 1993) asked me to have dinner at their house because they wanted to talk to me.  They had come to the conclusion that instead of music, I should pursue a career in acting.  Although I did not take their advice, it touches me that they took the time to so seriously consider my future.

BCAP’s Road to Mecca

The Boston Center for American Performance features Professors Elaine Van Hogue and Mark Cohen in Athol Fugard’s masterful examination of artistic freedom in small-town South Africa during apartheid. Directed by Professor Judith Braha, the cast also includes Ali Kerestly, a School of Theatre student.

Watch the ethereal set come together in a BU Today video.

Three Sisters at the Calderwood

Chekov’s characters have the time (lots of it)  and material comfort to ask the big questions.  “Why are we here?” may be a dangerous one to ask in late-February Boston but Chekov though challenging,  is never disheartening. His very genius and willingness to commiserate is answer enough. Directed by Professor Sidney Friedman.

Review excerpt from The Tufts Daily:

I would urge anyone with reservations about going to see a student production to think again — between the excellent original text, its masterful translation and the incredible justice the actors and director have done to their material, this is a must-see for anyone in the Boston area.