B4gyWcmmyA9Q_NZUn-f1YxvAJ7Q3qtz-2JVX4LRrsrvKG0uDgDHrfWCwkjwHlKkSoLQXasZK7PwIEn0zj8tSFNlVKDF90RbCC5yTbIn0vM6h4A Think of the talent that has brought us the current musical production of Candide, beginning with Voltaire, and then Richard Wilbur, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Lillian Hellman, John Latouche and Dorothy Parker.  Add to this group, the direction of Mary Zimmerman and the marvelous company and crew and you have one of the best musical productions I have seen in a long time.   Please go.

I am aware that musicals cost more to produce but I hope the Huntington will continue to do them as this was a real success.  Mary Zimmerman’s direction added a zesty physicality just as she did for Lucia Di Lammermoor, which she directed at the Metropolitan Opera.

BU Theatre

September 10 — October 16

Huntington Theatre Company