The BU Archaeology Society presents:


Greetings all! BUAS is having a themed event this coming Tuesday! The theme will be myths and monsters in the spirit of Halloween. The meeting will be split into two parts. The first half, led by Christine Mikeska, will be about the myth of vampires and how they show up in the Archaeological record. The main sites that she will be talking about are the "vampire" cemeteries in Poland and Meso-america. The second half, led by Sarah Guzman, will be about lycanthropy in Ireland and Greece.

There will be free candy and food, so show up hungry for some sweets and monsters~

Date: 10/29/2013

Time: 6-7pm

Place: Gabel Museum, STO 235

JOIN on our FB EVENT PAGE:  https://www.facebook.com/events/404005763060720/

Review: Archaeology Day! and MEETINGS UPDATE!

Greetings all!

I hope that those of you who came out to Archaeology Day had a great time! We had a lot of fun activities to do like cross mending, writing your name in Maya glyphs, flint-knapping with Prof. Carballo, and much more! However, if you missed Archaeology Day at the Gabel, do not despair. You will always have next year to come and enjoy the activities. Pictures are soon to follow this post, so watch out for those.

Note: All meetings will be held in the Gabel Museum (STO235)

In other news, we are having a graduate student- led workshop this TUESDAY, 10/22, from 6-7PM! The topic for this week is CV/ Resume building for academic or job applications. It will be an interactive and hands-on workshop between graduate and undergraduate students, so please come with working CV's or Resumes. However, even if you currently do not have a CV or Resume come anyways and get started on one with the help of one the graduate students.

Come and benefit from the workshop! We will also have free pizza for everyone who comes, so show up hungry and eager for some CV/ Resume building!

In addition, we will have our regular flint-knapping session this WEDNESDAY, 10/23, from 7-8PM! Learn how to make stone tools out of obsidian, chert, or flint just like ancient peoples used to. No previous experience is necessary, so do not be afraid to come!

Lastly, our next themed event is coming up NEXT TUESDAY, 10/29, from 6-7PM! The theme will be Myths and Monsters, in the spirit of Halloween~

Christine Mikeska and Sarah Guzman will both be leading the lectures for the event, so be excited! We will be having Halloween themed candy as well, so prepare your sweet tooth.

Until the next meeting, good luck with midterms!


No meeting for the week of 9/30-10/4

Hello members!

I hope you all had a good time at our last meeting, where we had a riveting discussion about museums and archaeologists. For all those who missed the meeting you missed out on some delicious insomnia cookies. However, it is time for some sad news. Unfortunately, the BU Archaeology Society will not be meeting for the week of Sept. 30th. This also includes Flintknapping. But do not despair for we will commence again the following week with our first workshop! The graduate students will be there and so will pizza! Be ready to receive an email shortly about the time, date, and place of our next meeting. Until then study hard for midterms!