2017 Yuhihai Tournament

BUKA sent five members to participate BUKA’s second tournament of the spring semester, the 10th Yuhihai Tournament, at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) on February 26th. It was our first trip on an airplane! We competed with other universities and athletes in our age group. Schools that competed included University of California Los Angeles, University of California Riverside, University of California Irvine, University of California San Diego, University of California Davis, University of California Santa Cruz, University of California Santa Barbara, Associated Students of University of California (Berkeley) Stanford University, Soka University of America, and University of Southern California. We brought one team to participate. All five BUKA members tried their best in this competitive tournament. Although the results were not as well as they wanted them to be, Yuhihai was a good experience for all of them.

Here are the results.


  • Helen Zhou
  • Guanyi Ji


  • Reina Iwase


  • Hiroki Kawai
  • Hajime Oono


Unfortunately, no members placed.


  • Hajime Oono advanced to the quarterfinals before he was eliminated.



  1. Senpo: Reina Iwase
  2. Jiho: Helen Zhou
  3. Chuken: Hiroki Kawai
  4. Fukusho: Guanyi Ji
  5. Taisho: Hajime Oono



Unfortunately, BU team did not placed during this tournament; however, BU made it out of the preliminary rounds before they were eliminated one round before quarterfinals.

Five BUKA members flew across the country to attend the 10th Yuhihai Tournament at UCLA. BU was the only team from the East Coast. The members all had a great time meeting and competing with our West Coast friends. It was a long day as the members did not do as well as they wanted to, but they got to attend a mini-seminar by one of the guest senseis, Hojo-sensei, and had godogeiko with kenshi from other clubs. Overall, it was a great experience for everyone. All the members went and came back home safe. Huge thank you to the UCLA team for hosting and supporting us! Also, thank you to our alumni, Julie and Andrew, for helping us out during the day. Shoutout to Kimi for taking us sight-seeing and Priank for coming to see us on Saturday. Of course, big thank you to all the BUKA alumnis and members who have supported our trip to California! This trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support! Thank you to Helen for driving and organizing our very first long distance trip. We hope to have more in the future! Good job again to the five members who competed: Reina Iwase, Helen Zhou, Guanyi Ji, Hiroki Kawai, and Hajime Oono. We’re really proud of you all for going over to California to represent BU. Thank you all!

Two tournaments done this semester and more to come. The next one will be the Shoryuhai Tournament at Harvard University on March 19th and March 20th. Let’s do this!

As always, thank you for your support and faito, BUKA!

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