Cornel Ban

Assistant Professor, Department of International Relations, Boston University

Hosting workshop on the IMF since Lehman: What has changed and what has stayed the same

Together with my colleague Kevin Gallagher I convened a workshop on the IMF since Lehman. We ask: What explains the variegated pattern of stability and change in the IMF’s substantive and procedural positions? Do existing explanations of the IMF’s reactions to previous crises survive the test of the current crisis, whose distinctiveness consists of its unprecedented size and its deep impact on the developed European core? Have the established patterns in IMF’s differential treatment of its members changed relative to past crises?

Grigore Pop-Eleches from Princeton University will do a systematic comparison of the crisis-ideology connection in IMF programs before and after 2008. Leonard Seabrooke and Emelie Nilsson from Copenhagen Business School undertake to examine changes in the IMF policy cliques tasked with international financial surveillance. André Broome from University of Warwick asks what roles have economic ideas played in IMF bailouts in a select population of crisis episodes while Cornel Ban of Boston University examines the role of staff research in facilitating the partial revisions of the IMF’s stance on fiscal policy. Aitor Erce Dominguez (Bank of Spain and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
studies how the relation between the Fund and sovereigns’ creditors while Daniela Gabor (Bristol Business School) looks at the Fund’s changing positions on monetary and macroprudential issues. Sarah Babb from Boston College and Alex Kalentekis from Harvard University will write a framework article that reflects on the findings of all these papers.

The workshop is funded by our university’s Center for Law, Policy and Finance.

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