Play our Valentine’s Day Word Jumble — and use the hints to win a prize!

Please be sure to submit your solution by 11:59 PM ET February 14, 2014 to be eligible to win!

BU Valentine's Day Jumble

To spread the joy on this Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a word jumble full of words that relate to our beloved online community — and you’ll win a prize if you can unscramble them, subsequently use the boxed-in letters to put together a three-word phrase, and then send your solution to us at

Oh, and since we forgot to send you flowers or chocolates, we’re instead giving you a hint for each of the jumbles. Enjoy! And happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Higher ed is just so cool,
    this is what we call a school.
  2. Our students may live far and wide,
    but still feel a sense of this — and pride!
  3. Modem or wireless — doesn’t matter how:
    It’s where your connection has you right now.
  4. We can’t just come right out and tell …
    but the answer is abbreviated in this page’s URL.
  5. Take our courses in your PJs, or in an ascot —
    either way, these dogs are your mascot.
  6. If your class requires you to read,
    this may be just what you need.
  7. Often invoking memories of fun,
    this is a synonym of jumble No. 1.
  8. When the Sox’ latest win made everyone giddy,
    the team went parading through this city.
  9. Finish your classes once and for all,
    then hang proof of this on your wall.
  10. Use this to meet your teacher face to face,
    without needing to be in the same place.


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