After Meeting in an Online Course, BU Grads Begin a Family

Bill and Sarah Feaster Graduation

Bill and Sarah Feaster came to Boston for commencement after earning Master of Science in Management degrees from BU.

By Daisy Wizda and Dave D’Onofrio

Ecommerce, it’s said, has a way of shrinking the world. It connects companies with customers living continents away. It brings products to places they might otherwise never reach.

And, for two graduates of Boston University’s online Master of Science in Management program, it helped them to find the love of a lifetime.

Bill Feaster and Sarah Kennedy had never met when they enrolled in Metropolitan College’s AD 648 – then titled Introduction to Electronic Commerce, Systems and Web Design – early in 2011. And they likely never would have if their paths hadn’t crossed on BU’s online campus.

Bill was living in Florida, a Naval Officer who was also working as a sales manager and decided to pursue a project management degree through BU after finding the program to be well-organized, full of specializations, “extremely military friendly,” and supported by a helpful staff that answered all his questions. Sarah lived in Connecticut, her career and her concentration focused on international marketing.

But they began to become familiar with each other through the various interactions required between students in Dr. Kip Becker’s course, and even when after completing that session they slowly continued building a friendship as they progressed through their other online classes.

Soon enough they became Facebook friends, then a few months after finishing their coursework they really started talking – “We became pen pals,” as Bill put it – and eventually they decided to meet up for Valentine’s Day 2012. From there they spent six months traveling back and forth from Florida to Connecticut, or from Connecticut to Florida, just to visit each other.

Then, that August, Bill made one more trip north, gathered Sarah’s family for pizza, and asked her to marry him. She happily accepted his proposal, and almost a year later they exchanged vows during an oceanfront ceremony on the beaches of New Haven, Connecticut.

Bill and Sarah Feaster Wedding

Bill and Sarah were married in July 2013.


Since the wedding, the couple has relocated to Houston, where both now work in recruiting. After graduating, Sarah became a global sales manager at an international company, while Bill remained in the maritime field for a few years before accepting a position leading a recruiting division at Core Group Resources upon moving to Texas.

And last December, they each added another big job title to their respective resumes: Parents. A day after Christmas, the couple welcomed Grace Madeline Feaster, Bill and Sarah’s first child – and the newest member of a BU online extended family that, much like ecommerce, continues to reach all across the globe. Congratulations and best wishes!

Bill and Sarah Feaster baby

Grace Madeline Feaster


Bill and Sarah Feaster Family

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