Past speakers

Past speakers include:

Spring 2012

  • Marcy Monroe on “Synergetic Aid: Fusing community, agency, and professional technologies into disaster response” (UC Berkeley, Architecture)
  • Dr. John Connor on “Fever Viruses and the Immune System” (Microbiology, BU School of Medicine)
  • Dr. Ramesh Raskar on “EyeNetra, CATRA, and other low-cost eye care devices” (MIT Media Lab)
  • Rahul Vedula on “Sepsis and Rapid and Low Cost Diagnostics” (Tufts Medical School, BU BME)
  • Dr. Jaqueline Linnes on a solar monitor for the disinfection of water  (MIT D-Lab)
  • Dr. Sarah Fortune on the challenges of developing a POC device for TB diagnostics (Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Harvard School of Public Health)
  • Amy Canham on solar-powered technology for respiratory health (Zaman Lab, BU BME)
  • Dr. Selim Unlu on a low-cost, portable platform for single virus detection (BU BME/ECE)
  • Dr. Andrew Schiermeier on developing and manufacturing affordable vaccines and therapies focusing on TB, malaria, and HIV (CEO of Medicine in Need -MEND-)
  • Clark Freifeld on the development of a global real-time disease outbreak monitoring system (
  • Dr. Deborah Anderson on the design of topical microbicides for controling STDs (BU School of Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Microbiology)
  • Dr. Muhammad Zaman on the Indigenous Innovation and Biomedical Engineering Education in Sub Saharan Africa (BU Biomedical Engineering)

Fall 2011

  • Dr. Bill Rodriguez on “Engineering Health Products: Myths or Realities?” (CEO of Daktari Diagnostics)
  • Meg Meyer on the role of business in global health (BU School of Public Health and School of Management)
  • Charlie Lissandrello on development of a rapid, label-free, and ultra-sensitive approach for pathogen detection in water based upon micro and nano-sensors (Ekinci Lab, BU Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Beverly Brown on Mobilizing the BU Village for Product Design & Development for Resource Limited Countries (CGHD – Center for Global Health & Development)
  • Dr. David Wood on a biophysical marker for clinical severity in sickle cell disease (MIT Lab for Multiscale Regenerative Technologies)
  • Dr. Richard Pollack on 21st century engineering challenges and opportunities to combat ancient diseases (BU Biology)
  • Dr. Christopher Gil on data collection with mobile phones (BU School of Public Health, International Health and BU Center for Global Health & Development),
  • Dr. Irving Bigio (BU Biomedical Engineering)
  • Dr. Utkan Demirci (Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technology)

Spring 2011

  • Dr. Mehmet Toner on HIV/AIDS monitoring via microchips (BioMems Research Center, Mass General Hospital)
  • Dr. Lisa Hirschhorn on the role of innovations in technology to ensure quality and equity of care (Partners in Health, Harvard Medical School, JSI Research and Training)
  • Jake Trueb on SNAP, a portable System for Nucleic Acid Purification from blood samples (BU Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Marta Fernandez-Suarez on her work on low-cost and rapid diagnostic for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (Harvard, School of Public Health)
  • Az Ayrikyan on her experience in understanding how to bring technologies to emerging markets based on her experience  in IP and Technology Development (BU Office of Technology Development, Materials Engineering)
  • Dr. Lisa Ganley-Leal on her field studies in Kenya (BU School of Medicine, Section of Infectious Diseases)
  • Dr. Don Thea (BU School of Public Health)
  • Alex Reddington (Optical Characterization & Nanophotonics Lab, BU ECE)
  • Darash Desai (Zaman Lab, BU BME)