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April 2

Nationals and UVM Scores!

By BU Gymnastics Club


We’re headed off to Chattanooga, TN for NAIGC’s 2014 Nationals!! We are so excited and ready to compete against gymnastics clubs from all over the U.S.! This year we have our biggest team going out to nationals, and its the first year we have a full men’s team attending! Alyssa Aaron (’14), Jon Lerch (’17), Becca Saran (’15), Gianna Sabidussi (’16), Tatiana Dipaola (’14), Jessi Maduro (’16), Carlos Morales (’15), Brandon Epstein (’14), Christina Yannatos (’16), Alex Monda (’17), and Tom Burke (’17) will be representing BU at the meet!

You can get a live feed of the scores on NAIGC’s website. Don’t forget to like and follow us on facebook, twitter, and instagram for updates from the team!

Our gymnasts also competed the weekend before last and we did great! Here are the scores, click on the image to zoom in!:

UVM Scores