2011 Digital Pioneers focus on Clean-tech

On September 1, the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, announced its list of 2011 Technology Pioneers.

The award was started by the WEF in 2000 and recognizes start-up companies that have “the potential to inspire significant change in business and society.”

“The World Economic Forum is proud to recognize an outstanding group of innovative companies as Technology Pioneers for 2011. Their technologies and business models will have a durable and valuable effect in several industries and society as a whole. We look forward to their unique contributions to the mission of the Forum: improving the state of the world,” said Andre Schneider, Managing Director and COO of the World Economic Forum.

takadu logo

The rising global importance for energy efficiency was reflected as a record thirteen clean-tech companies were recognized this year.  Israeli start-up Takadu created a software program to monitor water distribution networks and help utility companies detect potential leaks or equipment failures and sequentially alert employees of the problems through email or SMS messaging.

The only place to look to when it comes to technology is the future. It’s exciting to learn about truly innovative technologies that may one day become household names. If history is any indication, these pioneers have a fighting shot: Google, Facebook, Paypal and Twitter are former winners…

Digital Lumens, a Boston-based start-up, was named a 2011 Technology Pioneer. Digital Lumens creates LED-based lighting systems that use sensors and controls to reduce customer energy use up to 90%.

For more information about the 2011 Technology Pioneers follow@techpioneers on Twitter or read the WEF blog.

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