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Innovator of the Year Tackles Type 1 Diabetes

  Two million people in the US live with potentially deadly type 1 diabetes, and Ed Damiano wants to make them healthier, safer, and “dramatically unburdened from managing their diabetes.” Among those people is his son. Damiano was honored on July 12 as Boston University’s 2016 Innovator of the Year for his efforts developing an […]

Klogene Therapeutics, Inc. awarded a $1.49 Million grant for Alzheimers disease drug development

  BOSTON, MA – 16 May, 2016 – Klogene Therapeutics, Inc. today announced that it has been awarded a $1.49 Million small business innovation research grant (SBIR) by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The funds from this award (number R44AG053084) will be used for the development of novel […]

Hope for the Battle against Type 1 Diabetes

Ed Damiano (center) and members of new medical device company Beta Bionics, whose mission is to improve the health of people with type 1 diabetes: (from left) design engineers Raj Setty and Rob LeBourdais; senior engineer Firas El-Khatib; Ed Raskin, VP for public benefit development and corporate strategy; Serafina Raskin, VP and general counsel; and […]

Beta Bionics Raises $5 Million

The race is on for what may be the biggest innovation in decades for Type 1 diabetes management—the bionic pancreas—and on Friday, one of the lead researchers in the field announced at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting that he’s launched a company to bring that invention to market. Ed Damiano, a professor of biomedical engineering at […]

BU Wins $13Million in Patent Infringement Suit

12.07.2015 By Joel Brown A discovery in the lab of Theodore Moustakas, College of Engineering Distinguished Professor of Photonics and Optoelectronics Emeritus, was the subject of the patent infringement case BU brought against several companies. A US District Court jury has awarded Boston University more than $13 million after finding that three companies infringed on […]

Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll Turns Six: TDRR 2015

From its inauguration in 2010, the Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll (TDRR) annual networking event has attracted a variable audience comprised of entrepreneurs, academic scientists, investors, industrialists, and students. Over the past five years Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll has grown and expanded considerably; it has adapted to technological changes and introduced new concepts […]

Message from the Managing Director

Robust technology clusters are not new: Route 128 in Massachusetts and Silicon Valley in California are the original clusters. Recently there has been a huge worldwide interest in regional economic growth organized around technology clusters. The key components of these clusters these days are what are known as “Eds and Meds”. Universities and medical centers […]

Etiometry brings Predictive, Patient-specific analytics to bear in the ICU

“Can I actually give you meaningful information on a moment-to-moment basis about patients that is personalized and based on their individual medical history? This is the holy grail of analytics,” says Evan Butler, Co-founder and President of Etiometry. “Personalized Medicine is focused on genetics, but we’re focused on Personalized Medicine itself.” Etiometry, Inc. is focused […]

Boston University’s Office of Technology Development Hosts Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll 2015

2015 Innovator of the Year Award will be announced by Vice President and Associate Provost for Research Gloria Waters Boston, MA – The Office of Technology Development at Boston University will host its 6th annual Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll (TDRR) networking conference on July 14, 2015 from 4 – 8 pm at the […]

Announcing Ignition Award Winners for 2015

The Office of Technology Development completed its 6th annual Ignition Award cycle and we are pleased to announce this year’s winners.  The Ignition Program awards $50K, one-year grants to faculty of Boston University and Boston Medical Center to validate early-stage technologies and enable follow-on funding. The Ignition Award Program was initiated to help bridge the […]