machadoWelcome to my webpage. I am a Fellow at the Department of Health Policy, London School of Economics. I received my PhD from the Department of Economics at Boston University, in 2016.  Here you will find my CV and details about my research and teaching.

My research focuses on the role of social preferences in healthcare. In particular, I study the behavior of supply and demand in healthcare markets in which there is no price. For example, I am currently studying the effects of contingent rewards for blood donations and the effect of the opioid and firearm epidemics on solid organ transplants.

I am the deputy chair of the Early Career Committee of the European Health Economics Association (EuHEA), a member of the Management Board of BEHnet – Behavioural Experiments in Health, and an affiliate member of  Nova Health Care Initiative (NHI).  

Follow me on twitter for updates on blood donation, organ transplants, social preferences, health economics, politics, and general ranting about what is going on in the world:  @sara_rm84

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