Students’ Top Questions About Going to College: Answered

Going to college is a big deal, and students often feel they have no idea what it will really be like once they start. Here are some of the top questions that students ask before they head off to college.

College is a pivotal moment in many peoples’ lives. It’s a time to further your education on your own terms, so you can have a great set of skills to go out into the big wide world with. Choosing a college feels a little like shopping. You browse websites such as to find the college that fits you best. You might visit a few colleges to soak up the feeling and figure out if you can picture yourself there. You deliberate over your application form to make it as good as it can possibly be. And then the acceptance letter comes and the train is in motion towards college life!

Everything feels like it’s laid out in front of you in the build-up to college, but then everything seems wide open once you are nearing the point of actually going. You realize that the college visit and information packs you have don’t really tell you what it’s going to be like. Everything from practical and logistical elements, to the feeling of studying at the college, feels unknown.

Here are some of the most common questions students have before they go off to college.

What Should I Major In?

This is something many students are already worrying about before they even set foot on their college campus. Of course, you want to know which direction you are heading in, and it can be unsettling to be unsure about this. But there really is no rush to decide on a major if you’re not ready. Settle into college life, get your prerequisites in your general education modules, and spend some time thinking further about your career aspirations. Use the career advisory service and get some work experience if you can. This will all help you to gradually focus in on a major that is right for you.

How Will I Make Friends?

If you’ve been to the same school for a number of years, the thought of starting somewhere new without knowing anyone can feel daunting. You may feel like you’ve forgotten how to make friends if you have had an established friendship group for a while. Remind yourself that everyone going to college is in exactly the same position. All new students are in the frame of mind to make friends, so there will be plenty of opportunities. Get involved in as many activities as you can during the first week of college in particular, as this will help to expose you to a lot of new people, some of whom will become your future friends.

What Will The First Day Of College Be Like?

The first few days of college will be more about the settling in process, and your college will tell you about everything you need to do. The first thing will be to move into your college accommodation, and you’ll be given and date and time to arrive. You’ll then be given some instructions of any administration you need to do – this may involve a bit of form filling and going to get your student ID. You’ll also be given a timetable of your classes. If you have time, have a walk around with your timetable and visit the rooms your classes take place in, so you don’t worry about getting lost on your way to your first classes. In each of your first sessions, your teachers and professors will explain how they run things and what to expect. The first days of college are filled with new things, but many students already feel like they’re in the swing of things by the end of the first week.

What Should I Wear?

Although most colleges don’t have a strict dress code, you will want to spend a little time thinking what your choice of attire says about you. First impressions count, and you probably don’t want to stand out to your peers and professors for the wrong reasons. Avoid anything too revealing or impractical, and focus instead on clothes that will be comfortable and look a little professional. Smart jeans, a shirt and a blazer is a classic college look that will help you fit in and be comfortable at the same time. Don’t overthink what you wear, but do also think if you have any clothing that tends to make you feel more confident.

How Should I Get Involved In College Life?

Many students know their college offers a lot of opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities, but they don’t know how to actually take the step to get involved. It’s a good idea to research what the college offers before you go, and make a list of everything you are interested in exploring. The first days at college can be a little overwhelming, and you don’t want to get side-tracked from the things you are interested in. Having a list will help you seek out the clubs and societies you’re interested in joining. You could even email them ahead of time if you want to ask for more information, or to generally make your interest in the club known. Search online and on social media to see what other students from your college are involved in for inspiration too.