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Seeking Solace from History? The 1876 & 2020 Elections and Threats to Democracy

Reflections on the lessons studying the 1876 presidential election has for our contemporary situation. Analytically, what do we gain by considering these periods togetherSurely, we’re not interested in a Ripley’s Believe It or Not approach. (“Next up: The parallels between the assassination of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy!”) And we know that history does not “repeat […]

New York, New York!

The History of Higher Education in America: A Timeline/Genealogy

One of the crazier things I have done is to develop a timeline/genealogy of higher education to serve as a source for the research for my future book, The Coming Crisis in American Higher Education, 1636-2036.  People have asked, so here is a 10-year excerpt, to give you a taste. I have selected 1879-1889 for no serious […]

The Once & Only Centennial Course Blog: The Whole Semester

I have been blogging my course, PO/WS 505: The 19th Amendment Centennial: A Lens for Gender & Empowerment, throughout the semester. Here is the whole blog stitched together in one document. Happy to discuss or answer questions. 19thAmendCentennialBlog

The Once & Only 19th Amendment Centennial Course: A 2020 Blog: Challenges, Questions, Changes for the Centennial of the renewed Women’s Movement (1968-2068 or 2120)

Week 13, Finale To end the course we did some of the obvious things – look back at what we did, think about what we learned, think about the implications of the past for the present and future. But most of the discussion revolved around the final reading for the course, selections from Rebecca Traister, […]

Reading Mary Wollstonecraft in Time

For Mary Wollstonecraft’s birthday, my little piece on our almost 50 year history together,  “Reading Mary Wollstonecraft in Time.” In Eileen Hunt Botting, ed. Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. New Haven: Yale University Press, pp.280-88 (2014). ReadingMWInTime

The Once & Only 19th Amendment Centennial Course: A 2020 Blog: The Continuing Struggle for Equality and Empowerment in Private” and “Public” Life

Week 12 As we approach the end of the Centennial Course it is time to think about today. What are the issues that continue to reveal the gaps in equality and empowerment? For this week I simply selected a basket of readings that pointed to some interesting directions. Any number of issues might have been […]

The Once & Only 19th Amendment Centennial Course: A 2020 Blog: The Rise of the Renewed Women’s Movement and Its Coalition Politics

Week 11  Our students know very little about the reinvigoration of the women’s movement that began in the 1960s and 1970s – they know almost as little as they do about the suffrage movement, and their stereotypes and misconceptions of it are equally dominant. For older faculty it is crucial to remember that our juniors […]

National Crises and Public Opinion as Political Symbols

As the President and many of his political allies in government chip away at democratic political institutions and processes, I think once again about my late colleague Murray Edelman, and the chapter he wrote on the political uses of “crisis” in his excellent book, Political Language. We should also think carefully about using the war metaphor […]

The Once & Only 19th Amendment Centennial Course: A 2020 Blog: The Continuing Struggle for Full Citizenship for Women: 1919- present

Week 10  This week we pursued one major question: The 19th Amendment did not complete the struggle for full citizenship for women, even for those who attained the vote because of it. So what were the continuing gaps in the rights and qualities of citizenship for women compared with men after 1919? We pursued this […]