Bowls & Rolls

By: Kacie Rioux


The newest retail offering at the GSU is serving up personalized Asian cuisine for daring diners. Bowls & Rolls offers exactly what it says: Bowls, as in Vietnamese pho noodle bowls and rolls, as in sushi.  I visited Bowls & Rolls at the beginning of the year and was surprised by the variety of options available to students. There were many different sushi options including classics like the spicy tuna roll and the California roll as well as unique creations like the B.U. roll. The noodle bowl is customizable, offering diners a chance to be creative and make their own dish. Customers pick their broth, noodle type (soba or udon), five additional vegetable toppings and you can add meat to it as well. Unfortunately, I could not try the noodle bowl since I am a vegetarian and Bowls & Rolls doesn’t have vegetable broth. Perhaps they will change this is in the future because I would love to try one! However, I did try the avocado and cucumber roll and I really enjoyed it. I loved watching the sushi chef prepare my meal in front of me and of course eating it was even better.

Have you tried Bowls & Rolls yet?

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