Meet the Chef Night

By: Kelsey Hopper

Thursday evening was Meet the Chef night in the dinning halls around campus.  Chef Al Nelson of Myles Standish Hall was the featured chef of the evening.  Originally from McCalla, Alabama, Chef Nelson made one of his southern favorites for us all to enjoy.  The featured dish included Sweet Chili and Honey Fried Chicken, Pork Belly Orecchiette and Cheese, and Roasted Vegetable Medley.Meet the chef_Al.2

The fried chicken was delicious- perfectly tender and juicy, with crispy and flavorful skin.  The sweet chili sauce was a nice complement to the chicken and added great flavor.  The Orecchiette pasta, (whose name comes from its shape, is Italian for small ear) and cheese, was a unique twist on your typical mac and cheese.  The cheese was creamy and was mouth-watering.  Last but not least, the vegetable medley was a great change of pace from the usual veggies served in the dining hall.

Chef Nelson’s dish on Thursday evening was a big hit, (I even saw a few students going up for seconds) and I’m so glad that he was the featured chef of the evening.  I can’t wait to hit up Myles Standish Dining Hall soon to try Chef Nelson’s cookin’ again.

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