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Goodbye to the Gang…

Tonight we saw the end of an era; tonight we saw a bit of history flutter from our eyes and fade into the transient light that makes up our campus.  We said goodbye to Myles Standish, Shelton Hall and Towers Dining Rooms for the last time tonight, though it may be corny it was like […]

Dinner Preview to 100 Bay State Road Dining

By Kelsey Hopper As the semester begins to wind down, it become difficult to even fathom any thoughts of next semester, but last Thursday night the dining halls did just that and introduced all BU students to the dining fare that will be available in the new East Campus dining facility next semester.  Thursday evening, […]

Meet the Chef Night

By: Kelsey Hopper Thursday evening was Meet the Chef night in the dinning halls around campus.  Chef Al Nelson of Myles Standish Hall was the featured chef of the evening.  Originally from McCalla, Alabama, Chef Nelson made one of his southern favorites for us all to enjoy.  The featured dish included Sweet Chili and Honey […]

Sargent Choice Night

By Kelsey Hopper Thursday night was Sargent Choice Night in the dining halls, and who doesn’t love Sargent Choice night?  I mean, a guilt free dinner (well at least for the most part) and with plenty of new and exciting choices, Sargent Choice dinner is one of the best nights in the dining hall.  Some […]

University Grill vs Sal’s Pizza

By Kelsey Hopper University Grill & Pizza and Sal’s Pizza are two popular family-owned institutions located on Boston University’s central campus.  University Grill also known as “UGrill” has been open since 1960 and is currently run by four brothers and offers an extensive menu from pizza and salads to Gyros and wraps.  Sal’s pizza specializes […]

Meet the Chef Night

By: Kacie Rioux If you are like me, then I am sure you will agree that it’s getting to be that time in the semester where your go-to standby meals in the dining hall just aren’t cutting it anymore.  Luckily, BU Dining Services is working hard to make sure your taste buds are entertained by […]

My Favorite Sandwich on Campus

By Kelsey Hopper We are very lucky here at Boston University to have the GSU on campus with so many great options for dining in the food court. One of my favorites is the Charles River Bread Company and the variety of sandwiches they offer everyday. I really love the “create your own” sandwich option […]

Bowls & Rolls

By: Kacie Rioux The newest retail offering at the GSU is serving up personalized Asian cuisine for daring diners. Bowls & Rolls offers exactly what it says: Bowls, as in Vietnamese pho noodle bowls and rolls, as in sushi.  I visited Bowls & Rolls at the beginning of the year and was surprised by the […]

BU is the Best

By: Kacie Rioux People love to complain. Whether it is about the weather, how much work they have to do or how annoying their roommate is, people are always whining about something. I often hear students (and sometimes myself) complaining about how much they are sick of the dining hall. However, all that it takes […]

If I could change anything…

By Kelsey Hopper To have more cooked vegetables at lunch and dinner.  I am very grateful for the dining halls we have on campus and for all the great options they provide each day, but I feel like one of the main things that I am always searching for is more vegetables. Now how many […]