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Major cuts to SEC budget preceded the 2008 recession.

I emailed a chart similar to the one below (through 2009) to the BUHealth email list in July 2009.
Note how the SEC budget was cut from 2005-2008.
It was not a surprise that terrible things (Madoff, AIG, Lehman, etc.) became much more of a problem.

My view is that George W. Bush and the Republican congress caused a lack of oversight by the SEC, which caused the 2008-10 financial crisis.

2012 Handbook of Health Economics, on ScienceDirect

2012 Handbook of Health Economics (Pauly, McGuire and Barros) is free on-line. Here is the link to the pdf files.

Excellent literature reviews and new insights. I purchased the hard cover version, but this is wonderfully accessible.

Many research universities, including BU have access to ScienceDirect.

It is unusual for Elsevier to post its new material for free access in this way.