Student Groups

We are an umbrella organization with many consituent groups, covering many interests. Last year, STHSA decided to implement two types of student groups: Student Organizations and Student Interest Groups.

Student Organizations will:

  • Be defined as long term, stable population of interested students who meet regularly throughout the academic year.
  • Have 4 elected officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • Be fully registered with the Student Activities Office (SAO) including having a Constitution.
  • Operate within the University policies and procedures including having a faculty advisor.
  • Demonstrate good stewardship of university resources.
  • Be formed at the beginning of the academic term according to the policies of the Student Activities Office.

Student Interest Groups will:

  • Be defined as less formal groups than Student Organizations that may be more short term and does not necessarily require yearly funding.
  • Have two contact individuals
  • Have a clearly stated mission statement (What is the purpose of the group? What do they intend to do?) to be presented to the Student Association before any funds can be granted to these groups.
  • Have the ability to be formed at any time during the academic year.

Check out our Forms & Docs page for more information on funding and processes for these two types of student groups.

The following is a list of current student organizations that can be found in STH community:

Association for Black Seminarians
Be UU!
Comma, A UCC Student Group
Doctoral Student Association
Interfaith Club
Hispanic/Latino Student Association
MTS Society
Korean Students Association
Sacred Worth
Spiritual Formation Group
Southern Fried Theologians
Wesleyan Students Association

For more information about these organizations, please click here.