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Beginning of the Season News!


The Terrierettes are off to a great season so far! We are half way through learning our program to a mix of Gloria Estefan’s Mi Tierra, Conga, Reach, and Turn the Beat Around. The music is upbeat and we have had so much fun skating to it! Our roster is set and we have definitely gotten into the groove of managing practice, school work, volunteering and other activities. Today we participated in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk along the Esplanade, an event that we participate in every year. This year we decided that in addition to walking we would raise money for this worthy cause. Our goal was to raise 200 dollars and we ended up raising 545 dollars! We have also started to volunteer for The Skating Club of Boston’s Therapeutic Skating program, which we are so grateful to be a part of. Boston University’s parents weekend is October 17th-18th. We plan on having a lunch on Sunday, October 18th for the  parents to attend where they can meet our coaches and watch practice afterwards. Our first even of our competitive season is the USFSA Monitoring Session, which is on Saturday, November 21st in Marlborough, MA. We have a lot to look forward to this season and we expect it to be very successful both on and off the ice!

Selling Used Dresses!

This year, we are making an effort to raise money for our club by selling old and used dresses that we have worn in past seasons. You can see available sales on our new tab, “Dresses for Sale”. If you have any questions regarding the dresses, please do not hesitate to email Happy shopping and enjoy!

That’s a Wrap!

We can’t believe our competitive season has already come and gone! What a great year, though. We accomplished so many of our personal goals as a team, and we are extremely proud.

This past weekend, we competed at the New England Challenge Cup in Marlboro, MA. With it being our last competition, our main focus was to have a strong performance, but more importantly we wanted to have fun and skate our hearts out for the last 4 minutes and 10 seconds of the season. Our skate was clean, and this competition really showed all of the improvements that we have made as a team just within the last couple of weeks. With a technical element score of 22.70 and a program component score of 37.03, we earned our highest segment score of the entire year, 59.73!! We are so excited about this! We are so happy to be able to end our season with a personal best.

While we had an awesome skate, we did have a mishap at the very end of our program. One of our teammates fell during our creative element and broke her ankle! However, she was so positive and strong about the whole situation, we are sure she will heal in no time. She is quite the trooper. Wishing you well, Eva!

Although this is the end of our competitive season, we are still going to be active as a team! Within the next couple of weeks, we will get together for a little banquet, celebrating our year. We also will be very busy in April with Prospective Skaters Weekend and skating the BUFSC show! We are looking forward to the rest of the year together, and are excited to see what the future holds for us.



Easterns 2015 Wrap Up

Winter temps in Boston have nothing on the weather in Lake Placid, NY! We recently traveled to Lake Placid to compete at the 2015 Eastern Section Synchronized Skating Championships where the temperature was a high of 1 degree on the day of our arrival, but the cold didn’t stop us! We enjoyed every moment of our trip, touring the Olympic Museum, dog-sledding, experiencing the top of the Olympic Ski Jump, walking around town, and of course, skating.

We had two excellent practices prior to our competition. Unofficial practice took place on Friday night, and we had a strong 45 minutes on the ice, working hard and staying focused the entire time. Our 12-minute official practice took place on Saturday morning, where we were able to practice at the competition venue to get a feel for our skates on the new ice and where the competition officials and judges could watch our routine before the start of the competition.

We skate 4th out of 9 Collegiate level teams in our division at competition time. We had an excellent skate and are incredibly proud of our performance! Our technical element score was 18.81 and our program component score was 28.42, giving us a total segment score of 47.23, landing us in 8th place overall.

We will be competing at the New England Challenge Cup in Marlboro, MA on February 7th.



We had such a great fall semester! The team was busy with various events ranging from volunteering our time at the Making Strides Walk to busy weekends at competition! Follow the link below to view our end-of-semester newsletter!

Details has been posted regarding our Prospective Skaters Weekend. Check out the Prospective Skaters tab for more info!

We’re looking forward to our spring semester! Shortly after classes begin, we will be heading up to Lake Placid, NY for Easterns! We will be posting updates throughout the course of the competition, so be sure to follow us on twitter (@BUSynchroSkate) or on Facebook (BU Synchronized Skating)! We will also be participating in the New England Challenge Cup in early February!

New Video!

Check out this awesome new video about the BU Synchronized Skating team! The link can be also be found on our Youtube channel (BUsynchroskate) and under the “About Us” tab right here on our blog!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We had a great time at the USFSA Monitoring Session on November 22nd. This was our first time performing our competition program in front of the United States Figure Skating Association technical specialists and judges. We had a fifteen minute monitoring session where we performed our program a couple of times through, allowing the judges to critique each element. They told us the level of difficulty that each element would be considered at, and commented on our execution of these elements. This feedback is given to our coaches, who are then able to review it, and make necessary changes to our program to make it have an even higher quality going into our first competition. Overall we skated very well for this early in the season, especially as it was our first time performing in front of judges. They thought that we were making good progress, and for the majority of the elements, it was clear what level of difficulty we were going for, and with even more practice they thought we would be able to achieve these levels. There were a couple of elements that they didn’t understand as well or think we would be able to achieve high enough results in competition, so they advised our coaches to make changes to ensure we could have the highest quality program we are capable of. So we are going to take the critique of the judges and make necessary changes to our program to get us even more prepared for our first competition in a few weeks.

We will be competing at the Cape Cod Classic on December 13th, stay tuned for a report about the competition! Continue to check our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages for updates! GO BU!

A Lot to Look Forward to!

The season is quickly approaching! only THREE MORE practices until the USFSA Monitoring Session! We have officially finished choreographing our program and are prepared to continue to improve!

Next to the USFSA Monitoring, we also have a 2014-2015 calendar coming out in a couple of weeks that contains photos of the team for each month of the year – such a great fundraiser! BU Club Sports has been incredibly helpful with this and we can’t wait to sell them to our friends and family!

Be on the lookout for a cool new video that we are in the midst of filming alongside the Figure Skating Team! Both teams are working together to create a fun video that shares informational tips and experiences from each point of view. We’re glad we are able to come together as one club to share the different options offered by BUFSC! Check back in a couple of weeks for the video on our Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.!

The Terrierettes are busy, busy and doing an awesome job so far! We’ve almost finished choreographing our program and we can’t wait to show it off for the first time at the USFSA Monitoring Session in November! Outside the rink, the team has been very active as well. On October 5th, the Terrierettes took part in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, starting at the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade – that was a blast! It was a beautiful day and we all had such a fun time! The walk was followed by a team lunch and, of course, skating practice! What better way to spend your entire Sunday than with your whole synchro team!?