Congratulations to Kellen on his recent NAR paper!

Congrats to Kellen, Vijendra, Jesse and Brandon on the publication of their paper in NAR.

Andrilenas et al. (2018) Nucleic Acids Research “DNA-binding landscape of IRF3, IRF5 and IRF7 dimers: implications for dimer-specific gene regulation”

Congrats to David Bray for 2nd place poster award @ BU Bioinformatics Symposium

Congrats to David for his 2nd place poster award at the BU Bioinformatics Symposium for his work with Nima Mohaghegh on lineage-determining transcription factors

Ashley Penvose awarded Macchi Award

Congratulations to Ashley for winning the 2017 BU Biology Department Macchi award!

Our new paper in Molecular Cell

Our new paper on zinc finger evolution and binding just came out in Molecular Cell — congratulations to Brian Barron !!

Graduate Students Join the Lab

Welcome to Ashley Penvose and Kellen Andrilenas who have both joined the lab – our first graduate students!

…what have they done to their careers!?

Congrats to Jesse and Michael!

Congratulations to Jesse Kurland and Michael Simpson who were both awarded UROP Summer Research Awards!

Brian Barron joins the lab

Brian Barron has joined the lab as Sr. Lab Technician – and the first official member of the lab!

Lab website up and running

I have finally got a lab wepage up