What To Expect

Most competitions have an air of mildly controlled chaos and can be overwhelming at first. Below are some pointers on what to expect the day of a competition. If you ever have any questions at a competition ask the captain or any of the experienced team members and we’ll be happy to help you out!

  • Comps are always on weekends, either on Saturday or Saturday and Sunday.
  • Most comps are scheduled to begin around 8 in the morning, which means we will arrive no later than 7:00am. This also means that we will meet up earlier than this to make sure everyone is ready and to leave time for travel. So get to bed early the night before!
  • Hurry up and wait mentality. Very few schedules hold to form, with some running hours behind.
  • Once there, the Captain checks our team in and gives out numbers to the competitors.
  • We usually take over a section of the spectator area. From there, those not dancing a particular event along with those who came just to watch, sit and root others on. Everyone cheers for those out on the floor and supports their teammates.
  • After all the dancing and awards, comps finish up close to 10:00pm.
  • Overall, it is a VERY long day, so get a lot of sleep the night before.
    • Also, you should be sure to bring snacks and plenty to drink with you!