Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

One of a Kind

Okay, we’ve all seen birds fly before. But how many of us have seen those birds fly backwards? Hummingbirds are unique because they are able to fly in almost all directions, including backwards! This one of a kind utility is rare among birds but is common among insects. How do hummingbirds do it? What allows […]

Fishy Flying

Normally you don’t see flying and fish in the same phrase. How can an animal that spends all of its time in the water have the ability to fly? There are even species of birds that don’t have the gift of flight (sorry, penguins), so how can fish fly? In fact, scientists have discovered over […]

The Albatross-The Master of Dynamic Soaring

The albatross is one of nature’s most interesting creatures. They seem to fly for hours and hours and yet they only flap their wings on rare occasions. The instinct and evolutionary advantage that permits the albatross to decrease the flapping needed to stay in flight is called Dynamic Soaring. The albatross is perhaps the most famous […]