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The Pygmy Glider

The pygmy glider, most commonly known as the feather-tail glider, is also known as the flying mouse and its scientific name acrobates pygmaeus. It is the smallest mammalian glider of all. Pygmy gliders can be found in eastern Australia to southeast Australia. They tend to nest up high in trees. They chose their nest solely […]

Quetzalcoatlus: the SOAR Loser of Dinosaurs

Science is full of controversies. Scientists are always debating over a variety of different topics. However, the characteristics of extinct animals is something that is fervently debated over. One of the main reasons that extinct animals are topics of debate is because no one can explicitly answer these questions and back it up with evidence […]

How GPS has Helped Uncover the Secrets of the Wandering Albatross

The albatross is a bird that spends the majority of its life in the air over mainly the southern hemisphere’s oceans, landing only during breeding season on small islands. Albatrosses are capable of drinking salt water and live on average of fifty years in the wild, but their greatest feat is the ability to fly […]

How different are gliders really?

Flight has always been a dream of mankind to attain. Sadly, we can’t flap wings and produce the amount of lift we need to achieve this kind of prolonged flight, but neither can most flying animals. A lot of animals that we think of as flying actually glide. We have figured out how to make […]

The Microraptor: Missing Link or Evolutionary Dead End?

  Ten years ago a pair of archaeologists dug up a remarkable dinosaur fossil in the Liaoning Province of northeastern China. It appeared to be very similar to other small raptors that had been found around the world. It had a feathered body, adding to the prominent theory that many raptors had feathers. The remarkable aspect of this dinosaur […]

Don’t rule out the Pterosaur as King of the Skies Yet

Fierce and majestic, the dinosaurs that walked this earth before us star in the dreams of many a child. Perhaps the most majestic of them all, the mighty pterosaur soared above the earth, king of the skies. Recent articles and reports from science writers have tried to burst this dream with the claim that the […]

Scrawny Dino Couldn’t Have Lifted itself From the Ground

As children, we all visited history museums and gazed up at the ancient bones of a dinosaur rearing towards the sky, fighting off some other ferocious winged being. But was that ferocious winged being, when it was alive, just a bunch of bones too? According to new findings, the pterosaur, Quetzalcoatlus, might not have been able […]