Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

Ladybugs, a Soft Spot under that Hard Shell

I think it is fair to make the assumption that almost everyone has seen, and perhaps even picked up a lady bug. When not flying, this beetle looks completely harmless, cute even, but when they lift their shell and show off their large, veiny wings, this creature takes on a completely different form. The Ladybug, […]

The Desert Locust Shows the Importance of Wing Deformation in Insect Flight

A fun part of my childhood was catching grasshoppers and dragonflies in a field near my house. I always had to find creative and stealthy methods to catch these creatures, and now I can learn how they are able to transport themselves. Grasshoppers not only have strong legs for jumping, but they also can fly! […]


When you think of the word hovering, most people think of a hummingbird because of its flight traits. The hummingbird hawk moth, also known as the Macroglossum Stellatarum has a flight pattern very similar to the hummingbird, which is an excellent hovering animal.