Spectrum of Physician Advocacy 2 (SPA2) is a free time enrichment opportunity consisting of eight two-hour sessions that focuses on developing advocacy skills, with the goal of making students comfortable taking on active advocacy roles in ongoing campaigns. Facilitated by fourth year BUATP student leaders, each class has a guest speaker as well as various activities and exercises to practice the specific skill being taught during the session.We hope to not only equip students with an “advocacy toolkit” of concrete strategies and skills for future activism, but also to impart on them an ability to creatively approach any advocacy issues they might encounter throughout their medical training and careers. Recent topics include:

  • Power mapping
  • Direct action
  • Elevator speeches and framing
  • Writing opinion-editorials
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Lobby visits
  • Media advocacy

Eligibility: Students are encouraged, but not required, to have taken SPA-1 prior to SPA-2. A short application for enrollment is released and due shortly preceding the class.

Schedule: A total of approximately eight two-hour sessions over three months. Classes are generally held weekly, from 5:00-7:00 PM.