New England Championship 2021

On October 30th and October 31st, your favorite Terriers took part in the CWPA New England Championship. Entering as the 3rd-seeded team, we competed in a round-robin style tournament against BC, Coast Guard, Dartmouth, Northeastern, UConn and Yale.

Our first game was against UConn. As our first official game of the season, it took us a second to shake off the rust. As the game went on, the team started clicking, leading to a 16-2 win over the Huskies.

Advancing in the bracket, we next faced off against Dartmouth. Going in, we knew it would be a tough game, as always. Unfortunately, we were not able to pull off the win, and as a result, we played for third place.

Our last game was against a resurgent Yale team, having beaten Northeastern and given BC a tough game. Through some slick gameplay and great coaching, your Terriers squeezed out a 12-10 win, securing third place! A special shout-out goes to Hoku Eggertsen for sacrificing his finger for the team (not cut off, just fractured).

Although it wasn’t meant to be this year, we are already gearing up and prepping for next year. The most important part of the season – the offseason – has begun, and we are ready to improve on our standing next year!IMG_6188

FALL 2021…The Comeback

Welcome back folks,

It has been quite a while since BUMPOLO has made a post. It has been such a crazy past 2 years, but it is great to say that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is a quick recap of what the new men of BUMPOLO faced this Fall 2021.

First off, we had our first scrimmage in over a year on Sunday, October 10th against Northeastern. Despite unfavorable pool conditions, your favorite Terriers persevered, and managed to pull out a comeback win from 2-6 to beat the Huskies 12-11. We had goals from returner Hoku Eggertsen and newcomers Ronan Nealis and Claudio Bettini. Goalie Parker Frost also had a good game

Next up was our rivals Boston College Sunday, October 17th. This game was a lot closer, with great performances all around. Freshman Alim Kura scored 4 goals this time around, while Hoku was among the goals again. Unfortunately we did not manage to get the win, but with a score of 10-12, we know we can definitely improve.

Looking ahead, we have our championship tournament coming up from October 30-31. Due to the shortened season and with this being the only tournament, it will be round-robin style. We will be playing UConn in our first game, followed by a game vs Dartmouth/Coast Guard. Provided we win both of these games, we will advance to Sunday's games, during which we hope to clinch the final two games to win the title.

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2019 New England Championships

November 3rd, 2019

The time has come - the moment that every Terrier has been waiting for... New England Championships! The winner of the tournament moves on to compete at the National Championships at Pennsylvania State University.

Heading into the tournament in 3rd seed, BUMPOLO had some making up to do. Their first game was against Tufts University. The Terriers made sure to bring focus for warmups and intensity during the game. This led to a successful 14-6 win over Tufts!

Moving forward in the bracket, BU played Dartmouth next. Third time is the charm ... right? This seemed to be the case as BU pulled an early four point lead over Dartmouth. The crowd was roaring and the energy was visible. Senior Nick Rosenberger and Sophomore Hoku Eggertsen tracked some gnarly goals. Dartmouth quickly caught up and the game was even all the way until the last few plays. Senior John Li's saves kept BU in the game. Unfortunately, this was not enough as Dartmouth clinched two final shots in the last minute, winning 9-7.

The loss to Dartmouth was devastating and unexpected for the Terriers, but they put up a great battle. Finishing off the tournament strong, BUMPOLO won their final game against Yale University 26-6.

Although the season did not finish where the BU team wanted, they are proud of the training, focus, and teamwork they put in. Thank you to the Seniors for providing skill and leadership that have defined BUMPOLO over the past 4 years- we will miss you a lot.


2019 Boston College Tournament

October 12th, 2019

Now that's what I'm talking about! The Terriers were lucky enough to break-in the new Boston College Pool for their second tournament of the season. BUMPOLO faced some tough teams this weekend: Tufts, Northeastern, Dartmouth, and Boston College.

The tournament kicked off with a 17-6 win over Tufts. This time, the Terriers meant business. Sophomore Johnny Salamy and Junior Pablo Kurzan showed off their swim skills in their second game against Northeastern as they won sprints and scored on fastbreaks.  Junior Max Sapoxhkov also blocked some quick corner shots. The first quarter was 7-1 BU. Since the entire BU team travelled to Boston College, everyone got to play against Northeastern. The final score was 14-11.

Unfortunately, two starters were still unable to play against Dartmouth. This left BU with less subs and stamina to keep up with Darmouth's fast players in the second half. Some highlights of the Dartmouth game include Matt Weiser's (Grad Student) and Nick Rosenberger's (Senior) assortment of goals. In the end, Dartmouth won 13-7.

The final game of the BC tournament was one to remember: a competitive cross-town rivalry against Boston College. Gaining a few starters back, the Terriers were the most amped they have been all season. It also helped that the stands were filled with BU fans and the entire BU Women's Polo team (thank you!). In fact, BU got an early 3-1 head start against BC after converting some savvy 6-on-5's. Junior Pablo Kurzan scored several goals along with Grad student Matt Weiser. The game was back-and-forth all the way through the 3rd and 4th quarter; however, BC was able to pull away in the last minute with a score of 12-9.

Although the tournament ended with a loss, the Terriers were motivated by the teamwork and training they showed in the pool. They are looking forward to putting in even more work to hopefully win Champs!


2019 Yale Tournament Recap

October 6th, 2019

That’s one start to the season. The Terriers had quite the weekend at Yale University, leaving with a record of 3-1. And nobody got Triple E virus so might as well say 4-1!

The Terriers took on Yale University, Dartmouth College, University of Connecticut, and Tufts University for the first tournament of the fall season. The first game against Yale University began a little shaky, but overall set a focused tone for the rest of the tournament. The game was excellent experience for starting lines to learn how to competitively work together outside of practice. When the Terriers found a way to defend Yale's driving offense in the third quarter, they were able to pull away and win 14-8. Bringing a similar intensity to the next game, BUMPOLO had a great start in defending Dartmouth's offensive line. At the start of the second quarter, things were looking promising for the Terriers. Unfortunately, after two BU starters got injured and removed from the game, the momentum shifted and the Terriers were not able to keep up, resulting in a 15-8 loss.

Having a night to sleep on the Dartmouth game, the Terriers were eager to make the most of their next two games against University of Connecticut and Tufts University. BUMPOLO won both games and were able to play their entire team. Although having a rocky first day, the Terriers learned how to work together and put their extra two weeks of training to use. Thank you Yale University for hosting us!

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2019 Hub on Wheels

September 15th, 2019

BUMPOLO caught some early sun on this one! The weekend after Splash, we volunteered at Boston's 15th annual Hub on Wheels citywide ride. The Terriers had a great time helping out at one of the rest stops handing out granola bars, fruits, and water. Several enthused bikers gained a second wind after being motivated by the team members like Thor Breitbarth, Mike Xu, Sebastian Boussard, and Grayson Wiggins. Shout out to Water Lam for even helping out a couple bikers who had flat tire!


Splish, SPLASH 2019

September 7th, 2019

Who would have thought that BUMPOLO would do it again? That's right, BU Men's Water Polo brought back their world-renowned calendars to SPLASH 2019!

In addition to selling over 100 calendars in two hours, the Terriers attracted 50 new members.  With the fall season being the longest on-record, everyone is eager and ready to make this our best one yet. We have started practices and well, let's just say we will surely be ready for our first tournament this October.