Relaxation in which Kish hotel?


Kish Island is a small and beautiful land that stands out among the warm and shallow waters of the Persian Gulf.  The island is attracting a lot of foreign and domestic tourists every year due to its unique location in terms of recreation and tourism.

Kish Island has a mild climate in autumn and winter and the best time to visit this amazing island is autumn.  In April and May, when the humidity reaches its relative level, a gentle wind cools the island.  In general, the temperature difference between the warmest and coldest month of Kish is about 16 degrees.  January is the coldest time in Kish and has the lowest humidity.  August is the hottest time on the island, when the humidity is estimated at 28%.  However, in August, occasional rains cause the island to get air conditioned.  Due to being an island, Kish has continuous beaches that many tourists travel to this beautiful island to see these beaches.  Watching dolphins dance along the beach, boating, swimming, jet skiing, as well as watching the silver coral beaches is a special attraction for many tourists.

Therefore, Kish hotels, due to their location and facilities, have a special popularity for travelers, which we intend to introduce in this article.

Shayan Kish Hotel


Walking around Kish is so important that you go to a hotel that is not far from its attractions.  The location of the hotel is one of those factors that travelers can not ignore.  Shayan Kish Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Sahel Kish Square and has excellent access to different parts of the island.  In addition, the largest pier on Kish Island is located right in front of the hotel with a history of (45 years) Shayan Kish.  Also, if you are looking for a place where you can watch the beautiful view of the boundless sea of   the Persian Gulf and enjoy it, Shayan Hotel is the best option with 4 floors and a view of this sea.

The farthest sights of the island from the Shayan Hotel are the Greek ship and the Indigenous Anthropological House, which are 21 and 16 minutes away, respectively.  The distance from the hotel to the city of Kariz or Harirah is a maximum of 13 minutes.  The closest tourist attraction to the hotel is the diving center and the old pier of the island, which are finally 5 minutes away.  Dolphin Park is also located 12 minutes away from it. For some who believe that you can not leave Kish without shopping, the hotel is a very good choice.  For example, in order to reach the best shopping centers in Kish, such as Zaytoun, Morvarid, and Campus 1 and 2, you must take a maximum of 4 minutes.  By choosing this hotel, in addition to good access to the best shopping centers in Kish, including Pardis, Maryam and Marjan, Kish tourist attractions such as the Greek ship, the underground city of Kariz, the cycling station and the water sports club are also easily accessible.  .

The location of Shayan Hotel is also suitable for people who are interested in restaurant tourism, because it takes a maximum of 7 minutes to go to the best restaurants in Kish, such as Mir Mahna, Kuh-e Noor, Cinnamon or Totti Frouti.  And finally, for many religious people, the distance from the hotel to the airport is very important.  From this point of view, staying in this five-star hotel leaves no room for worry;  Because it is only 9 minutes to Kish International Airport.

Also, by benefiting from various facilities and quality services of Shayan Kish Hotel, you can experience a memorable stay on Kish Island.

Dariush Kish Hotel


It is safe to say that one of the most famous and popular hotels in Kish is Dariush Kish Hotel.  A hotel whose reputation has resonated throughout Kish Island due to its attractive building architecture and unparalleled hotel and hospitality services.  Dariush Hotel is one of the beautiful 5-star hotels on Kish Island, with architecture and design inspired by Persepolis and Pasargadae (to symbolize the glory of the Iranian monarchy from ancient times until now) that leaves travelers free to choose a room.  The endless blue rooms of the Persian Gulf or the rooms facing the green garden of Dariush Kish Hotel are your choice.

This hotel has everything a traveler needs for a few days stay, rooms with a view of the beautiful seas of the Persian Gulf and a unique location for access to most of the important shopping centers and tourist attractions of Kish.

The existence of a recreational and sports complex and a private lake in this complex has made interesting memories for travelers from staying at Dariush Hotel.

This 5-star hotel is close to important commercial and entertainment centers such as Pardis 2 Bazaar, Sarina 1 Commercial Complex.

Other facilities of Dariush Hotel include sports and leisure facilities such as outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, Thai massage and paintball court.

Free internet in the lobby and suites, 24-hour room service, TV and furniture and refrigerator in the rooms, free internet, laundry, prayer hall, restaurant and coffee shop with a stylish and luxurious atmosphere are other facilities of Dariush Hotel.

All staff and staff of this hotel are fluent in English and are very professional in hosting travelers.

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