In what countries is turquoise found?


If you were wondering in which countries is turquoise mined? And what is the name of turquoise stone mines? This is a question that we will answer in full in the following, so stay tuned.

Turquoise is naturally found in various places around the world that have a dry climate. This stone is mined in different countries such as America, Mexico, Iran, Chile, China and Tibet. While the characteristics of each of these rocks are similar, different mines produce more different turquoises with little variation.

Turquoise stone mine

Let’s take a look at some places in North America and Iran where you can find turquoise.

Sleeping Beauty Mine

This place is named after the formation of a series of mountains that look like a sleeping woman. This mine has a beautiful collection of turquoise stones.

The mine is located in the city of Globe, Arizona and is known for producing prominent turquoise and blue stones. It is currently one of the largest turquoise mines in North America.

Little Chalchihuitl Mine

The mine is located in Los Cerrillos, New Mexico. This mine is one of the oldest mining sites in America. The turquoise stone found in this place has a dazzling blue and green light with gray and brown streaks, which makes this stone have a beautiful and incredible appearance.

Royston Turquoise Mine

This mine has pale blue and emerald green stones. Zinc mine is one of the most popular turquoise mines that allows the general public to enter the mine and choose their turquoise independently.

At this place you can get a bucket for a low fee and spend several hours looking for the stones that interest you.

The Stone Mine is located near Tonopah, Nevada, and you will not be disappointed to see it.

Beautiful brown and blue stones stand out against the golden and brown matrices and you can be sure of the high quality of your turquoise stone you found there.

Ajax Mine

The mine is located in southwestern Nevada. In this mine, you can find blue turquoise stones with blue and dark veins as well as dark and green. Also, the turquoise stones in this mine have blue dots. These green and blue rocks do not have a special order that has only one blue color, and this has made this mine one of the interesting mines in its natural state.

Neyshabur Turquoise Mine

Neishabour Turquoise Mine is located 53 km northwest of Neishabour and is one of the public mines of this city. The turquoise reserve of this mine is 8,671 tons and its extraction is about 15 tons per year.


Evidence shows that the Neishabour Turquoise Mine dates back hundreds of years, but mining operations began with new equipment in the 1920s.


Currently, 100 or 200 kilos of turquoise packs have been auctioned off and sold at the highest price. Other turquoise mines in Iran include Damghan, Tabas, Kashmar and Quchan. The turquoise extracted from these mines is not turquoise in color and is green. Turquoise obtained from these cities is not as valuable as Neishabour turquoise and is mostly used to decorate dishes and sculptures.


Foreign travelers, especially Arabs, are fans of turquoise, but recently Iranians have also shown interest in the gem. Although pure turquoise is one of the most valuable gemstones (it was more expensive than gold), streaked turquoise (shajari) is more popular due to its beautiful appearance.


Colors you can choose for turquoise

No matter what mineral you choose, the turquoise you find there will definitely be unique.


The color of each stone depends on the elements of its surroundings.


If you choose a mineral that has a lot of iron and zinc metal, they will have yellowish green stones, while mines with a lot of copper will produce blue turquoise stones. Some rocks exhibit fibrous matrices, while others have thicker lines that pass through them.

Matrix colors are very diverse and allow you a wide selection of natural turquoises.

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