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Confluence is the brand new academic review blog of the American & New England Studies program at Boston University.  Here you’ll find interviews with scholars and artists, reviews of upcoming and classic books on all topics that relate to American Studies, and short essays on whatever we find interesting.  Our goal is to create a space where our graduate students can write about whatever interests them in the hopes of stimulating some dialogue.  We hope you enjoy our work, and we encourage you to join the discussion.


Rob Ribera

Editorial Board:
PJ Carlino: American Dialogues

Catherine Martin: Film, Television, and Radio

Sam Palfreyman: Material Culture, Preservation

Sam Shupe: History, Material Culture


All inquiries can be sent to the editors at: confluence.bu@gmail.com

Please send review copies and other materials to:

American & New England Studies Program
Boston University
226 Bay State Rd, Room 106
Boston, MA 02215

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