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Day 35

By elissam

We finished the last of the surveying this morning!

The road to Milpuc forks and we surveyed the branch that loops around to meet up with the other road from Chirimoto that passes the medical post and the old water system and filter.

We got back to the Hummingbird House a little after noon, ate lunch outside again with Panchito and his family, and then went to set up for the presentation we had planned for this afternoon. The other day we had prepared a power point that addressed several of the major development issues in the town, including the water project, kitchens, etc, so now we set up benches, the projector, and Lucho’s computer in the main room of the Hummingbird House and waited as much of the town filed in. It is encouraging to see such turn out and interest in community issues, although it is mainly the older men that come to these meetings, which are open to everyone.

After our presentation, the band moved back in, and we hosted a party for the younger children. We set out treats and invited all of the children, who are normally not invited to hear the band play as the dances are held for adults, and ended the party with a piñata. The place was crowded, and all the kids seemed to have a great time. Their party lasted about an hour, after which the adults came back in to dance and socialize themselves. The tournaments were also being held again, and I caught a little of the volleyball match. A couple of the girls on our team are really good.  After dinner, the orchestra played all night outside on the new dance floor that had been set up in the courtyard of the municipality.  I left around 1:00, and they were still playing. Each night the dancing starts at 10:00 and lasts until 3:00. The orchestra was much like the band- both are vocal groups with instrumental backup. The band is the more traditional cumbia, while the orchestra has more of a variety of music.